Edna  Stigger's  Books ...


One of the most trusted spiritual leaders in metro Atlanta, Georgia, has given us a series of Christian books that shares the joy of discovery. With 'The Bible Explained'  and  'Spiritual Journal', Edna makes it plain and easy to discover the joy of "reading and staying in the Word of God".  


Her unique presentation of the discovery of forgiveness and wholeness is shared in 'For Wives Only, .....Or Any Woman Who Dares'.  Now you can enjoy each of these books in print or digitally with Amazon.com .  

The Bible Explained  - Digital Version - $9.99





The Bible Explained -  Paperback Version -     $14.95



Spiritual Journal ... -Digital Version - $9.99 (The Bible Explained)




 Spiritual Journal - Paperback Version -       $13.95



For Wives Only ..... -  Digital Version - $9.99   Or Any Woman Who Dares !





 For Wives Only ... - Paperback Version -        $14.95          Or Any Woman Who Dares !